Cinco de Mayo!

So tomorrow is the big day and you’re freaking out not sure what to do. Beers? Bottle of margarita mix? Taco? WHAT!?!? 


Stephanie made 2 videos less than 5 minutes long to help you.

First one is your cocktails. Lets impress your friends and maybe crush with some authentic Mexican inspired drinks but margarita are not on the menu. WAIT! TRUST US! Try something new. After you taste the Paloma and the Michelada you’ll be so hooked!

Hungry? Well here’s a simple Chicken Fajita dish that you and you’ll guests will love! 

Take the pressure of entertaining off you by making it a pot luck party. Everyone brings one thing: salsa, guacamole, beans, beer, tequila, etc. It’ll be so much fun to try each others dishes and it’ll take the pressure off your wallet. This is how us kids in our 20s have fun in a budget 😉



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