Fave late night craving: Empanada Mama’s

Hell’s Kitchen – our stomping grounds. Stephanie was born and raised there and our elementary/junior high school is there. The neighborhood has transformed pretty dramatically since then. It went from dark, ugly and a little dangerous to great restaurants, beautiful apartments and clubs.

One of our favorite clubs is Therapy. Yummy drinks served by yummy men with built shirtless shot guys walking around; what more do you want!? 🙂

After dancing the night away hunger strikes. Our favorite spot after Therapy is always Empanada Mama’s.

Empanada Mama
Empanada Mama

Small but no one cares. It’s always lively, fun and fast. The huge menu makes up for the tiny space. There’s so much to choose from but how can you not try and empanada? Here are some of our favorites. Seriously the best why we can describe the taste….we can’t….GO TRY THEM!

2013-05-11 02.46.00

BEEF – $2.70
ground beef sautéed with onions, Latin herbs and spices

2013-05-11 02.36.31

CHEESE – $2.65
a Colombian classic corn empanada stuffed with mozzarella

2013-05-11 02.31.06

Caribbean style roast pork with sofrito seasoned yellow rice and gandules (peas)

Green and red salsa
Green and red salsa

Green and red salsa on any of these amazball empanadas is the perfect touch. Need evidence………

2013-05-11 02.31.17

2013-05-11 02.31.28

Stephanie and Billy not coming up for air 🙂


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  1. Love it I love Hells Kitchen!!!

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