Wings then Cupcakes: Happy Independence Day!

Today has really been about savouring time off and time available to cook. Chicken wings, beer and cupcakes were on the brain all day. When we talk wings roasted with BBQ sauce, juicy/tender meat and sticky savory/sweet sauce is the way to go – well, it’s the way we go. The fastest way to get those sticky-sweet wings into your mouth is to simply use your favorite store bought sauce and add a few tablespoons of your favorite preserves. Today we went with The Shed’s Original Southern Sweet (not too many ingredients or preservatives) and added aces tablespoons of apricot preserves.


Preserves and BBQ sauce mixed together with a wire whisk.


Season lightly with salt & pepper then sauce was poured on top and allowed to marinade for 1 hr (several hours would be best).


Cover with foil and bake in 400F oven for 20- 25min. Afterwards you can either let the now thinned BBQ sauce thicken (bake for another 25min) in the pan or transfer sauce to a saucepan and thicken over the stovetop – which is what I did today.

If you choose the stovetop method simply glaze chicken with your thickened sauce and cook another 20min until sticky and bubbling.



Enjoy these bad boys with an ice cold beer!!



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