Big Gay Ice Cream Shop: Bea Arthur for the Win


A quick stop at East Village’s ‘Big Gay Ice Cream Shop’ was pretty satisfying in the New York summer heat. When I say quick I mean that there was a line short enough to stand in the heat, and when I say short I mean about 10 minutes. This shop’s line is usually a little more intense.


There are several signature ice cream’s to try – including ‘the salty pimp’ (vanilla ice cream, dulce de leche, sea salt, chocolate dip). Today I went with the Bea Arthur, for my love of the great actress as well as dulce de leche, vanilla ice cream and crushed Nilla wafers.


It’s yum, but a little steep for $5.50. The ice cream is the basic same soft serve as Mr Softy but just a bit more jazzed up. I’d go back, not regularly but definite occasional experience. They do offer more than just soft serve: with ice cream sandwhiches, sundaes, shakes, floats and other treats. We’ll try the salty pimp next and let you know how it stands up to Bea Arthur…. There’s a sentence you’ve probably never imagined. You’re welcome.




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