Trader Joe’s, I love you

It has been thoroughly too long since the last past. If you’re reading right now, we thank you!

I want to write very briefly about two items at Trader Joe’s, 1 savory and 1 sweet- both from the frozen foods section. A truly divine section I find it’s easy to lose time in. So many choices. So. Many. Choices.

First up, the Korean Style Short Ribs. I’ve heard great things about these and the flavor delivered!

TJs korean ribs

PROS: Very developed flavor and aroma as the ribs are in a rich marinade. Tender meat.

CON: Pretty fatty, not enough meat

VERDICT: I’d buy again just keeping in mind 2 packs may be needed for enough meat. Below you’ll find the short ribs paired with haricot vert and TraderJoe’s yummy garlic-parmesan potatoes. Oh and uh, STAR WARS tumbler cup of course.

short ribs cooked

Next was dessert, Blueberry Scones. A frozen scone dough option was very intriguing…

box lrg

PROS: The crust was very tender and they are not afraid to add a healthy amount of blueberries to the recipe (see photo below)

CON: My batch came out a bit flatter than expected. This my be that my oven wasn’t hot enough.

VERDICT: An egg-wash and sprinkling of granulated sugar was a nice touch and box suggestion. Next time I will take care to be sure my oven is at a slightly higher temp.

The Frozen Foods aisle at Trader Joe’s really is like an adventure, I’m always on the hunt to find my new favorite specialty item. I hope this helps your own hunts!

cooked cond milk


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  1. Sophiajd says:

    I love Trader Joe’s and the Korean Ribs are absolutely one of my favorites!!

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